Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hello everybody,
another castrated version this edition - still in the throes of revue - two more nights only, selling fast, go to the website. book now (can only speak in abbreviated phrases).

So i'm just gonna mention a few things this ish,
firstly - check out my reviews on The Scene
my latest be Ozma's latest album.

Also be sure to check out this quality music blog - nobodymove!
Its another locally produced music rant by fellow Monash Revuee, Michael.

I've recently bought a slew of new albums that i'll be planning on writing up once the review is over (and the void in my life opens up); plus some oldies i plan to go over - namely Arcade Fire's album, a wee lass named Bat for Lashes and hopefully some live reviews.
Shout out to anyone who managed to get tix for Muse in November, i really hope Rod Laver doesn't damn their usually excellent live set.
And also to any peeps heading to see Something For Kate, Melbourne's Best Band (Copyright LTD 07), in September.

and lastly, here's some sweet choons i've been pumping:
Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring EP Medley: SECOND NEW PT RELEASE THIS YEAR *SWOON* check it out at their myspace
Cajun Dance Party - Amylase: a little bit Bloc, a little bit Monkey, what's not to like?
Cut Off Your Hands - You And I: scintillating guitars and catchy hooks, yes please
Foo Fighters - The Pretender: the lead single from the Foos new album, slightly derivative but no-one rocks as solidly as Grohl and Company.

Well i'll see you on the other side.
Love Al

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