Monday, August 1, 2011

The A/V Room: July

So I've decided to make The A/V Room a semi-regular thing now, sort of like Wrangling The Heard but with visuals, let's not make a big deal of it...
I mean, I've often grumbled about the frivolities of the music video (notably here and here AMR fans), and while I still maintain that 90% of the time they're dull and boring - like this awful promo for Bon Iver - Calgary, bleerrrggggh - but they're still a pretty powerful thing when done correctly.

The following are examples of, in this blogger's humble opinion, it being done correctly.

Björk - Crystalline (Dir: Michel Gondry)
New music from Björk. New visuals from Michel Gondry. Hand-crafted multi-coloured brilliance ensues. 'nuff said.

Bon Iver - Who Is It? (Dir: Jayspanbauer)
Speaking of Björk... Mr. Vernon and his musical accompli have been known to sneak a few special covers into their set, but here's proof that his expressive falsetto and keen experimental-leaning instrumentation is perfectly capable of pulling off a classy Björk cover. Sure it's a bootleg, but chances like this are rare.

Grouplove - Tongue Tied (Dir: Jordan Bahat)
ahhh, the old reverse-chronology video (last used in Ghoul's The Slip. It manages to stave off the tag of 'cliche' as long as it looks so good, now with added luchadores. The soundtrack is the second taste from Grouplove's debut, what is shaping up to be the very entertaining Never Trust A Happy Song. I'll let you know more... after I see them live tonight at The Corner!
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) (Dir: Natasha Pincus)
Yes, I know this is a repeat screening, but it's mix of stinging break-up duet and stop-motion body paint is worth another look, don't you think?

Additionally, here is Gotye performing the track performed live at Splendour in The Grass. The sound quality is terrible, but Kimbra's entrace at the two minute mark serves to illustrate a few points: a) the kids at Splendour have quite the lungs on them b) the popularity of this tune in such a short space of time c) Kimbra's awesomeness by association.

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (Dir: Michael J. Green)
This has been doing the rounds on the blogosphere of late, but it's a handy reminder of just how great LCD were/are. That and the simple fact they're the kind of band that could inspire someone to take on such a time-consuming task as re-creating a music video shot-for-shot with Lego to begin with. Here's the original for comparison, but it's a pretty bricktastic job (...sorry). At least James Murphy is still bringing us sweet choons via his DFA label, such as...

Holy Ghost! - Some Children (feat. Michael McDonald) (Dir: lilfuchs)

Unfortunately this is more like an animated advert than a proper video, which is a shame cause the full version would be amazing. I mean, somehow getting legendary Steely Dan/Doobie Brothers vocalist to contribute is badass in itself, but Adult Swim animation along with that is something else. Here's hoping the brains behind this operation get wise and finish off the other four-and-a-half minutes.

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