Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wrangling The Heard: May

Dads - Man of Leisure
...is the side-project for Big Scary strummer Tom Iansek, who recorded a handful of ideas on some newly purchased recording equipment at the tail-end of last year. The result is Dads, which clearly certifies Iansek's abilities and serves as a testament to one of Australia's brightest new talents. Both as an arranger in its lush textures and production and as a songwriter with some heart-rending moments (oh, and further evidence that he is the vocal re-incarnation of Jeff Buckley). For the time being, Man of Lesisure is serving as a stop-gap while Big Scary finish recording their debut album, but this is no collection of offcuts, Dads is a worthy project all of its own and a fine, fine record.

Kins - Dancing Back And Forth, Covered In Whipped Cream
Melbourne-based Kins (as featured previously) are the new outfit for ex-Oh Mercy member Thomas Savage. Along with Jacqueline Collyer, drummer Simon Lam and bass-toting brother Kieran, Kins deliver a disciplined brand of rhythm-driven music with skeletal guitars, haunting melodies and precise patterns. They've already delivered a clutch of releases (available at their BandCamp page), and now there's the debut of their 'mini-LP,' the lenghtily titld Dancing Back And Forth, Covered In Whip Cream. It's a concise introduction to the band and the catalyst for a mini-tour and a number of shows before they relocate to the UK. Sounds pretty busy for a local act eh? Well, you can read all about it in an upcoming interview with the band, right here on The Rant. Watch this space.

Bon Iver - Calgary
Album of the year contenders, it's time to stand your ground! Bon Iver approaches!
Calgary is the first taste of the enormously anticipated sophomore album from Justin Vernon and co. (first reported here). The follow-up to one of the best debuts of recent times (believe me), is taking a more fuller palette, if the electronic splashes of Calgary are anything to go by. Perhaps all that time moonlighting with Kanye rubbed off? There's also a geographical focus in the tracklisting, with tracks named after Lisbon, Hinnow TX, Minnesota and Australia's own Perth. Which serves as the album's opener, as Vernon discussed in a chat with triple j's Zan Rowe. The full album cannot come soon enough.

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[Me] - Free Live Music Month
Having recently returned from recording in the UK, [Me] have put together a clever little bit of social media marketing for their brand of theatrical rock (or Tchaikokrocksky if you prefer). For the more conventional, there's the Naked EP available in a number of formats from their website - but at a discount if you 'like' them on Facebook first. Better still, the band have tapped in to their winning live show to deliver a number of free recordings for the price of your email. Unfortunately, we're already at week three of said live music month, but when if you're a fan of Queen or Muse you really should check it out. All that, and their debut is still on the horizon.

[Me] - Naked (Video)
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