Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kimbra - Two Way Street Remixes

 2011 will go down as the year Kimbra broke, what with the release of her stunning debut Vows, claiming 'Best Female Artist' at the ARIAS, and of course that little song with Gotyé. Rather than rest on her laurels, Kimbra has been spending time in LA recording and mixing for an exclusive release of Vows for the American market, rubbing shoulders with the likes of John Legend and producer Mike Elizondo (who's worked with artists as diverse as Dr. Dre and Mastodon), ya know the usual.
Rather than keep us waiting though, she's released her fourth single, the shimmering Two Way Street, and to celebrate there's a couple of new remixes to wrap your ears around courtesy of AMR pals, Viceroyalty.
First up is dupstep artist PatrickReza who you might recognise from his mix of Lana Del Rey's Blue Jeans. His take on the track isn't quite the smash and grab of a Skrillex or a SBTRKT, but that's actually for the better. Retaining much of the original's sound and shape but injecting some requisite speaker-rattling sub-woofer and a clipping tempo.

Minimalist Aussie Beni however, spins the track into an interesting new formation. Stripped of all but Kimbra's vital voice, then pairing it with a restrained beat and splashes of synth, it takes the giddy joy of the orignal and transforms it into a downtempo, sombre piece - more reflective than reverant.

If you're unaware of the source material however (is that really possible if you're an AMR regular?), here's the -now official - live video of Kimbra and her not so-secret weapon: her amazing band, performing a flawless version of the track at Sing Sing Studios.

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