Monday, April 4, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle (Update)

Thought it was time to check in with a quick update/ego-stroking session.
As you probably know by now, Al's Music Rant has been playing as part of the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. What you might not know is that there seem to be quite a few people (besides myself) who will tell you that it's a musical-come-comedy extravaganza well worth your clams and your lung power.

The Pun seemed to enjoy the show. Immensely. In particular commenting on its evolution from these humble pages to a live show. They call it a 'blistering success' with 'seemingly limitless inventiveness.' Lovely. But I particulary being noted that I rock, and to be saluted. As do you The Pun, as do you.

Culture zine The Enthusiast were a little slow on the uptake - here's the short and Tweet of it.
But now the full review by the wonderful Mel Campbell is up online. She calls it "Intelligent" and "highly entertaining" saying "Newstead's eye for the absurd marries perfectly with his shrewd ear for genre cliches." How many MICF shows can you say feature a wedding between body parts? Boom. Recommendation.

Then there's the Herald Sun's David Swift, who kindly gave my blog abilities a gentle rubbing in his four-star review of the show. His favourite bit? many. My favourite bit? "his mash-ups of black lyrics on white power chords were masterful" 
Read the full review here

Speaking of said mash-ups, I woke up at an ungodly-hour to perform said song and have a chat on triple j Brekkie with the wonderful Tom & Alex. It was an absolute ball, coveting the usually hip triple j listeners' tastes with references to Ke$ha, Rogue Traders and even the theme from The Neverending Story. If you didn't catch the madness live, you can always stream or download the podcast over at the boy's page (or direct link here); or proving that radio is clearly NOT a visual medium, here's the song in YouTubage
Finally, some love from comedy blogger I Like Your Shtick who is charting a wonderfully written course through this year's MICF. The nicities didn't stop with Al's Music Rant, but also towards the show I directed, Patrick Miller's Archibald Wheeler Whets The Whistle.

Which brings us to the point where I tell you that tickets are going quickly for both Al's Music Rant and Archie, so get in quick. 
Bookings available here:
If you've already seen the shows, there's a few things you can do (aside from coming down again), you can tell all your friends how much you liked it, or check out some more great comedy with my MICF Picks.
There's plenty of amazing, talented stuff out there, you've just gotta have a bit of a dig, not too dissimilar to the music world, no?

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  1. heard of a few musical comedies, not really my sort of venue. I do like comedy shows especially comedy hypnotist shows!