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Al's Music Rant | My MICF Recommendations

(EDIT: as it turns out Al's Music Rant got a lovely write-up thanks to the excellent comedy blog I Like Your Schtick - go and 'ave a read!)
In case you missd it, here's the first part of the epic Big Scary Interview, with Part 2 just around the corner, and I'll see you at their sold-out show tonight. But onto the goods.
Now a quick disclaimer, if you haven't booked tickets for Al's Music Rant. 
Then do the right thing here

Patrick Miller - Archibald Wheeler Whets The Whistle
Springing from the mind of one Patrick Miller (of fame) and the original ambitious idea of a “one-man VigilantelopePajama Men (Pajama Man?)” – Archibald Wheeler Whets The Whistle is a ten-plus-character-driven-narrative-comedy all performed by Pat. There’s songs, there’s mosquitos, there's legal gags, there's even more non-legal gags, there's Kosta; and more than a hint of comic brilliance. Oh, and did I mention that it’s humbly Directed by yours truly?

Watching Percy Fagan Sleep
Opening confidently to a sold-out crowd, Law Revue-hardened alumni Nick Modrzewski, Ollie Waters and Al Harkness have crafted a uniquely surreal brand of comedy - delivered with strong comic acting and cerebral panache. Filled with engaging visuals, memorable characters and just plain stuffed with funny, Watching Percy Fagan is a one-of-a-kind show. It also happens to be playing at the same venue as Al’s Music Rant – Eurotrash. So come check ‘em out before I’m on.

Dr. Professor Neal Portenza's Interactive Goat Hour V 2.0
Direct from the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festival comes the humourously bizarre stylings of Australia’s only qualified Dr. Professor. Mixing the absurdist delights of The Mighty Boosh with the cultured theatre-isms of Shaun Micallef, with just a hint of unhinged; the good DPNP offers off-the-wall entertainment and at least 100% more Glenn Ridge than any other show in the Fest. 
As recommended by The Herald Sun and this lovely lady.

The Hermitude of Angus, Ecstatic
Presented by Slow Clap, you may also recognise these lovely peeps from Vigilantelope; or from their bulging swag of hugely-deserved awards. Star Vachel Spirason’s physical comedy has to be seen to be believed in a show that provides a tangible emotional core as well as some uproarious laughs. Combined with the winning presentation and production of Steph Brotchie, you can be sure they leave with some more bronze for the mantle. So do book before you miss out.

Wing Attack!
It’s sketch comedy, from two clever chaps in glasses, or Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall and Andy Matthews to their mums. Playing at the delightfully vibrant Tuxedo Cat, you can expect nothing less than smart writing, funny sketches and more than a few giggles to stow away into the night with. Mr. Tremblay-Birchall is also performing his stand-up show Undistinguished for the first half of the Comedy Fest.

Dr. Watson’s Comedy Soul Lounge 
MC Lucy Watson has a wealth of Comedy Festival experience under her belt, and know she’s showing off that shiny buckle in a series of star-studded, exclusive nights at the John Curtin throughout the festival. The impressive list of high-profile acts is a great way to finish your evening of shows as well as a wonderful taster for the bevy of comedians out there. Expect some extra frills like trivia, prizes, drinks and some great tunes to do the ‘Soul Lounge’ tag justice. (and possibly some familar faces on April 13th!) 

Brenna Courtney Glazebrook - OC/DC
Do you like your comedians honest, forthright and engaging? Then Ms. Brenna G. is the lady for you. Turning the topical subjects of her own experiences with OCD into a comedy show might seem like raw material, but Glazebrook sells it with her charm and gusto - not to mention her ease on the eye (zing). Come for the stories, stay for the funnies.

19 April - 23 April|| Tix here:

Anyone For Tennis? - Prepare To Be Tuned
The AFT? boys - Doody and Jase - never disappoint. MICF regulars, they've consistently brought fresh ideas to the table of musical comedy and often left audiences demading seconds. With equal amounts of considerable talent and experience, Prepare To Be Tuned is bound to be yet another barrel-sized-belly-full-o'-funny.

Tom Ballard - Since 1989
He's a radio presenter, tv personality and a seasoned stand-up. That title says it all really, only recently having turned 21 and he's already clearly got the presence and material of a man twice his age, though not the gut. Affable yet outrageous, confident yet self-deprecating, he's one of a few stand-ups who can genuinely grab your attention and keep it for an hour (or more). Look, I didn't even have to mention he's gay... oh...  

31 March - 24 April || Tix here: 

Rob Hunter - Late O'Clock With Rob Hunter
Speaking of Tom Ballard... did anyone happen to see this clip?
If you like that, you'll LOVE Hunter's shows. Three exclusive nights of interviewing top-grade comic acts. I can picture the LOLs now. Includes added Luke McGregor, which is a good thing, all shows should have added Luke McGregor as a prerequisite.

Sammy J & Randy - Bin Night
The 2010 Barry-Award winning team return. Do you really need more convincing than that? Ok, it's directed by the golden touch of Alan Brough. It's got Mr. J's brand of musical genius. It's got Randy - the best puppet in Oz comedy. Just book tickets you pansy!

...and The Best Of The Rest
Sam Simmons - The Precise History of Things
Simmons is fast becoming a national comedy treasure, come and give him a polish.
Claudia O'Doherty - What Is Soil Erosion?
Winner Best Newcomer for 2010, that title alone should win her something this year. Best Absurdist Award?
Dave Callan - 0+
Bushy Irish Comic = larious. Bushy Irish Comic + Raging Male Libido = HIGHlarious
Dr Brown - Because
The critically acclaimed cult comic who brings the crazy, crude and other things beginning with 'c'
Maria Bamford
If you don't know who Bammers is, you owe it to yourself to familiarise yourself with her intelligent feminine wiles.
The Pajama Men
The very fact I've chosen them as a pick is an insult. These guys WILL sell out, their show last year was one of the greatest things i've ever seen. Not just comedy... ever. Just do the right thing and get along.

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