Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lock up your children, Al's Music Rant is coming!

See that dood up there, the one with the (presumably wireless) mic, acoustic guitar, finger deck goggles and craftily placed treble clef? Well he is none other than the creator and curator of the humble blog you're now perusing. And he's the one who'll be entertaining the hackles out of you as part of the Melbourne Fringe festival.  Ok now play this tune before you keep reading, and try to keep up, it's a bit wordy...

Dj Shadow - Outsider Intro .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine
Wow, pretty epic huh? who is that sexy, raspy English voice? Ahhh see you're getting distracted already. Now the show probably won't be as grandiose as this tune is suggesting, but it will be as funny as this tune is epic.
The show will be a mixture of comedy and music, but that's at a very basic level.
It's an hour-long faux-presentation on music where anything (and everything) can be made a target, myself included. Much like the blog, it'll cram in a ton of content but always with the aim to be informative, passionate, and funny.
There'll be all sorts of humour to be had, character stuff, sketch stuff, songs, dancing, talking, iPod quizzes, impressions, silliness, pithy observations, bizarre reworkings, and an easel named Joni.
Guess that does sound pretty epic after all...

Now here's the deets, peeps - there are six shows for the season:
Wed 29 Sep (Preview tix)
Thurs 30 Sep
Fri 1 Oct
Sat 2 Oct
Wed 6 Oct (2 for 1 tix)
Fri 8 Oct
@ The Glasshouse, 51 Gipps St, Collingwood

You can book, pay and print your tickets online at The Fringe Website.
Or you can follow my tweets to get some sneaky previews of what you might get from the show.
Anyway you cut it, it's gonna be sweet.

And while we're at it, here's a sweet remix of Kimbra's excellent Settle Down from the NY minimalist proudcer Penguin Prison.
Just picture the vocal loops paired with some Club happy, toe-tapping rhythms and you've got the idea - or better yet, have a listen for yerself:

So, in summary, come to the show - read the blog - live a happy life.
See you at the Glasshouse.

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