Monday, February 9, 2009

A kiss is not a contract, but it's very nice...

(EDIT: Surprise, Surprise. You try to make any kind of playlist 'round here and it gets removed without a trace - grrrr - so for those who have joined us late, the neuteured version of the kissing playlist. Jeez.)

In anticipation of Valentine's Day i thought i'd put together a little playlist that celebrates the meeting of lips. Enjoy.


Prince - Kiss
With one of the greatest intros in contemporary pop, the one and only Prince gives us a list of do's and dont's for his potential lover. Later covered to creepier effect by a decaying Tom Jones, still you can't fault the original - a stone cold classic.

Ben Harper - Steal My Kisses
You can always rely on Mr. Ben Harper to give things a little soulful, funky groove. The infectious harmony layered-chorus and beat box percussion are memorable to say the least, a song that's as sweet as it is sexy

Joni Mitchell - In France They Kiss On Main St
The song that kickstarted my life-long love affair with Joni Mitchell. The opening track from my favourite album of hers - The Hissing of Summer Lawns - is more about nostalgia than the act of kissing, but at its core it's pure romance.

Seal - Kiss From A Rose
The only good thing that the shonky Batman Forever film gave us. I still find the bizarre imagery of the lyrics baffling, but it is this unique strangeness that gives the song its beauty... and perhaps Seal's finest moment.

Cher - The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)
Taken from the soundtrack to Mermaids, Cher's excellent cover of the 1960's Betty Everett orginal is slightly kitsch, and all the better for it. Not only that but the song has aged very well, unlike the woman herself. (ZING!)

Des'ree - Kissing You
Boy, there's a lot of songs from soundtracks. That caught me off guard, but i really couldn't resist including Des'ree and her soulful cut from Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. Steeped in yearning and subdued pain, it's really a touching piece - especially that dancing piano bridge.

They Might Be Giants - First Kiss

Time for a something a little more upbeat, cue TMBG and their rollicking live version of First Kiss. Capturing the giddy exuberance and simplicity of young love in a poppy, puppy dog way.

KISS - Kissin' Time
How could you not include them? Taken from the band's 1974 self-titled debut, it's actually a cover of an old 1959 novelty hit by Bobby Rydell. It was only added to the album on later pressings to tie in with a kissing contest.

Incubus - A Kiss To Send Us Off
Leading our compilation to a heavier edge is Incubus' excellent rocker from their prog-rock influenced 2006 album Light Grenades. It's even better live so i suggest you track down a version on YouTube or other source.(EDIT: well, now you can...)

Metallica - The Judas Kiss
Showing that even metal behemoths Metallica can get all romantic... ok so it's not really a love song, but it's still a ripping eight minutes of riffage. One of ten examples of why their latest Death Magnetic has been called their return to form album. Besides, not all kisses are nice.

Supergrass - Kiss Of Life
Supergrass have always been versatile, but even this dance-influenced groove was a bit of a surprise when it was released as part of their 10th anniversary best of compilation. A little indebted to Prince as well as the electronica scene of Madchester in the 90's, it's a funkified britpop hit as ever there was.

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
The appropriately titled end to our list, originally released as a single, it's seen by die-hard fans as a bit of a pockmark in the Pearl Jam legacy. Ironically though, it's one of their best selling singles - especially here in Australia, where the band regularly perform it on tour.

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