Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fourteen days of music

Well it's been nearly more than a week without a post, which got me thinking...

For your enjoyment: another themed playlist.written in the style of diary entries that hopefully match the musical mood, now if you're a personal friend, don't freak out - this is purely fictional (or is it?).


The Bangles - Manic Monday
Uggggh back to Uni today, not really looking foward to getting up at 7am for the first time in two weeks.
The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
A nice sunny day today, it seems spring is forecasting the summer with high temperatures and erratic coldness.
Eskimo Joe - Ruby Wednesday (Video)
Do some writing on the blog only to use a song, typically an Aussie band, that is IMPOSSIBLE to find an mp3 link for. Have to settle for crappy YouTube vid instead.

David Bowie - Thursday's Child
Another day at work, unusually quiet, feeling slightly melancholy but looking forward to the weekend.
The Darkness - Friday Night
Oh boy, time to rock, but so many options in my budding, narcissistic social life.
De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named: Saturdays
Who doesn't love the weekend, should i play it cool with some close friends or try a night out on the town?
Bloc Party - Sunday
Hangoverville, population: me. Still, with a whole day to recover, things aren't all that bad (or maybe that's the post-weekend euphoria?)
New Order - Blue Monday
Uggggh, how come this dreadful day comes around so quickly? That weekend euphoria has been replaced with depressed, angry blues.
Counting Crows - On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago (Video)
So many things to do in order to grow up, feeling nostalgic again. Well the day is only as long as it feels.
Tori Amos - Wednesday
It takes good friends to make you realise that a lot of the time you're just caught up in your own thoughts, and really your troubles aren't that huge, perspective is humbling.
The Chameleons - Thursday's Child
Ahhh the creative juices are flowing again, another productive rehearsal, and the weekend around the corner.
The Cure - Friday, I'm In Love
Going shopping today, there's nothing better than listening to a great song in the car, driving down the freeway, with the windows down. Presents for that special someone.
The Blue Nile - Saturday Night
Occasionally life can catch you off guard, particularly when you though what was going to be a boring party turns out to be an awesome one. If only things were always these great.
Jimmy Eat World - On A Sunday
Not hungover, great, a spare day to make use of. I can either choose to waste it relaxing, or really get productive - ah the power. And so the cycle begins soon again.

There we have it, now okay, i know what you're thinking - in doing songs about days of the week I've missed out some obvious choices. Who knows, maybe I'll have time to cover the rest in the near future?

On a seperate note - i recently got accepted as a contributor to all things music website Faster,, so hopefully you'll start seeing some of my reviews and such up on there.

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