Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brotherly UN-Love

Firstly the good news, FasterLouder
published my review of Jenny Lewis' Acid Tongue, which i nearly included in last week's post, so i didn't double up. Check it out here Now the bad news....

Oh how my last post now seems very ironic (my own publisher).

For those of you who are regular readers, you may have noticed that my 'Brothers in Bands' playlist and post has disappeared. This was not I, oh no.
It seems, like many modern bloggers, i've been hit with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), which basically means artists and record companies have the right to challenge ISPs (like Blogger which this site belongs to) with 'takedown' notices - which gives the ISP a loophole to take down the infringing post before any legal action is needed.

Now i don't mind that artists don't want their music sampled, i TOTALLY understand this, which is why i have clearly stated in my bio (up in the top- right there) a little notice saying 'hey, if you don't like it, let me know and i'll get rid of it'. Simple.

The problem being that i got an e-mail about one of these 'takedowns' saying that the infringing post had been removed ALONG WITH THE GODDAMN DRAFT. So all my hours (I'm waging 4 or 5) of hard work are gone.
The post contained 22 links to songs, and i have no idea and no indication as to which is the upset party, but it doesn't matter - i can't repost with the offending links removed because the draft has been obliterated. In other words, they've infringed my writing in return by deleting it.

Not fair and very, very annoying.

So i'm going to just put up the playlist - sans links - so there is some semblance of my efforts, but it's simply not the same now is it? There's some controversy surrounding the use of the DMCA and how it relates to budding music writers like me, to find out more head to Who The Bloody Hell Are They? a great Aussie music post who had a similar experience.

Brothers In Bands Playlist (The Censored Version)
Here's the list without the original imagery and witty commentary
  1. Allman: Allman Brothers Band - Melissa
  2. Cester: Jet - Rollover DJ
  3. Curtis: Secret Machines - Sad And Lonely
  4. Everly: The Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream
  5. Finn: Split Enz - Message To My Girl
  6. Finn: Crowded House - Weather With You
  7. Followill: Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night
  8. Gallagher: Oasis - The Masterplan
  9. Gibb: The Bee Gees - Spicks & Specks
  10. Gower: Cog - Resonate
  11. Greenwood: Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  12. Hanson: Hanson - MMM Bop
  13. Hartnoll: Orbital - Illuminate (feat. Step-Brother David Gray)
  14. Hawkins: The Darkness - One Way Ticket...
  15. Hume: Evermore - It's Too Late
  16. Jarman: The Cribs - I've Tried Everything
  17. Johnston: Biffy Clyro - Living's A Problem Because Everything Dies
  18. Kirkwood: Meat Puppets - Plateau
  19. Pope: The Get Up Kids - Holiday
  20. Reid: The Jesus & Mary Chain - Just Like Honey
  21. White: The Electric Soft Parade - If That's The Case, Then I Don't Know
  22. Wilson: The Beach Boys - God Only Knows
  23. Young: AC/DC - Rock 'N' Roll Train
Was i victim of my own design? should the DMCA be refurbished?
If you have any thoughts on the matter, please leave a comment.

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