Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Shady Lane - Built Guilt

Another album review for Tone Deaf, reproduced here in its entirety

Shady Lane - Built Guilt (Rice Is Nice, 2012)
Shady Lane is the musical brainchild of Jordy Lane… at least it was. 
Built Guilt, finds the Sydney-sider expanding his solo moniker into a fully-fledged band, with the addition of Pete Avard (drums), Sarah Jullienne (synth) and most notably, Conrad Richters on bass; on loan from label-mates Richard In Your Mind.

The result is more of a team effort, with a graceful pendulum swing between hazy rock and their more experimental, electronically-tinged excursions. Rather than sounding like a young band flip-flopping between genres however, these stylistic migrations are handled with confidence, experience and – in 'Gwimnoddles'’ references to ‘soft dicks’ – a good dash of humour. 

More importantly, the gauzy , psychedelic touches don’t dominate, but enhance the flavour of Shady Lane’s pop sensibilities. The likes of 'Eraser Brain' and 'Fluff n Stuff' demonstrating a taste for the eccentric without forgoing the accessibility needed for listeners’ to join in the fun.

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