Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Just a few words today dears, i've been in the throes of moving out (which is going ace) but is not music related so let's not dwell. I figure a lot of you haven't got through the bulk of my last post about concept albums, so i'd redirect your attention there if your starved for music articles.
Otherwise, i'm just going to direct you to three records from three of my favourite artists

If there were any band more deserving of a break, it's Bloc Party, who have already treated us to a remixed version of their third album Intimacy this year. But, of course - why rest and abuse your status as cutting edge rock stars like so many, when you could be making great music?
The four-piece have just announced that they'll be premiering a brand new single on Zane Rowe's Radio 1 show tonight. Entitled One More Chance, it was a track recorded back in April with Jacknife Lee, and the single proper is due for August 10th.

While this is a bit of a shock announcement, it follows a regular pattern of Bloc Party releasing singles in the downtime between albums (eg. Two More Years between Silent Alarm and A Weekend In The City then Flux between that album and Intimacy), usually signalling a stylistic shift. Colour me pumped.

Having spoken to frontman Steven Wilson first-hand for Beat Magazine, I knew Porcupine Tree had a new album due in September, but quite what to expect: I did not.

And what are we getting? A double album, that's what. The Incident will be Porcupine Tree's twelfth studio album, and their first double since 1995's The Sky Moves Sideways. The first disc is the entirety of the title track which is a 55 minute song cylce, while the second disc will be four tracks recorded during the same studio sessions at EP length: Flicker, Bonnie The Cat, Black Dahlia and Remember Me Lover. Although not confirmed, it's safe to say that artist Lasse Hoile will be involved with the artwork. Full details are at the band's website. The record is due September 21st through Roadrunner Records. Album of the year speculations begin now.

And finally, the folks over at FasterLouder have provided this modest little behind-the-scenes video of Melbourne's leading genius (© Al's Music Rant 2009) aka Paul Dempsey. Giving a sneak peek into some of the sounds of the forthcoming Everything Is True, out August 14th. It seems that lead single Out The Airlock was a perfect taster for what sounds to be a largely acoustic album. Still i'm already chomping at the bit to get my hands on this one.

well, I'm off to get my copy of The Temper Trap's album. 'Till next time music lovers.

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